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Samir Smajic

Samir Smajic

Recent Posts by Samir Smajic:

by Samir Smajic, on April 01, 2020

As you could read in a previous post, To build for the future - Speed up instead of slowing down, I have been thinking a lot about how our situation …

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Topics:Business leaderManagementSales business

by Samir Smajic, on March 20, 2020

As an entrepreneur you always want to find solutions to problems, always focus on the positive and create the best basis for growth. However, this is easier said than done, …

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Topics:digital salesremote salesentrepreneurleader

by Samir Smajic, on February 28, 2019

What if your sales manager leaves your business tomorrow? Would you know how many sales are about to close? Would you know how much revenue to expect next month? Would …

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Topics:b2b sales process

by Samir Smajic, on January 26, 2019

Do you need to get your Google Docs electronically signed? Learn how to do it in the right way. Yes, for the last 30+ years, we have been using Microsoft …

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by Samir Smajic, on January 15, 2019

Chatbots are everywhere. But do you know how to use them specifically for sales? Read this step-by-step actionable guide to boost your sales with bots. Let’s begin with the basics! …

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Topics:chatbot for sales

by Samir Smajic, on September 17, 2018

To close more deals, create an electronic signature and let your clients quickly and easily sign your agreements online. Most sales processes include signing a document like a proposal or …

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Topics:electronic signature

by Samir Smajic, on September 05, 2018

You automate all parts of your sales process but what about the later stages, especially after you send your proposal until you close the deal? Sales automation technology is evolving …

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Topics:sales automation

by Samir Smajic, on August 09, 2018

There are many new things we have released: A new, faster, and more modern iOS App Google Docs editable documents built-in to GetAccept New integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 A …

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Topics:Releasedevelopmentproduct updates

by Samir Smajic, on June 18, 2018

If you transform your sales process and integrate electronic signatures earlier in the sales cycle, you can significantly close more deals in a shorter time. In the last 10-15 years, …

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Topics:electronic signature

by Samir Smajic, on March 22, 2018

Integrate your Freshsales with GetAccept to start tracking and e-signing your sales documents right inside your CRM to close more deals faster! Freshsales is an online, cloud-based CRM for high-velocity …

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