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by Samir Smajic, on January 26, 2019

Do you need to get your Google Docs electronically signed? Learn how to do it in the right way. Yes, for the last 30+ years, we have been using Microsoft …

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by Samir Smajic, on January 15, 2019

Chatbots are everywhere. But do you know how to use them specifically for sales? Read this step-by-step actionable guide to boost your sales with bots. Let’s begin with the basics! …

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Topics:chatbot for sales

by Viktoria Dahlgren, on January 10, 2019

How did GetAccept tripple their ARR in 12 months? Nathan Latka with The Top Podcast is finding out the delicious numbers, details and secrets from Samir Smajic - CEO of …

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Topics:sales enablement metricssales enablement blogs

by Mathias Thulin, on January 02, 2019

Do you want to become an expert on sales enablement? Then you have to follow these top blogs to master the topic. Sales enablement is one of the trending topics …

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Topics:sales enablement blogs

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