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by Carl Carell, on May 31, 2017

As a sales manager, you know what 'perfect timing' to reach a potential customer means when it comes to closing the deal. If you are too late, you loose them …

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Topics:perfect timing

by Mathias Thulin, on May 24, 2017

Ten years ago, as a sales professional, your CRM would probably be the only sales tool you used. However today, with all the technological advances, there is a plethora of …

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Topics:sales process automationsales tools

by Samir Smajic, on May 24, 2017

We are excited to release some amazing features and updates for GetAccept. A facelift of the document workflow, video reminders and attachments are just some of the new things you will …

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by Samir Smajic, on May 24, 2017

With WebMerge, you can automatically generate customized sales documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, and more with the click of a button. Send that through GetAccept and you have a fully …

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by Samir Smajic, on May 10, 2017

Go into any store and you will witness salespeople attempting to convince prospective customers to make purchases of the highest possible value by offering personalized assistance and answering each and every query …

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