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3 Creative Ways to Spark Up a Cold Dialogue

Sara Cronsioe
August 22, 2019

How often do you have to figure out how to spark up a new conversation with an old sales prospect?  Let's heat up those cold dialogues.


What is a cold dialogue?

A cold dialogue is when you have an SQL who is frozen in your sales funnel, and you haven’t spoken in a while. Your prospect is not going anywhere. You know they would be a great fit for your product or service, but you are having trouble getting closer to landing the win.

If a deal has gone cold, it doesn’t mean it’s dead. Turning cold and often long silenced dialogues into a win is key to developing shorter sales cycles, and in the end, increase sales.

3 Creative Techniques to Spark Up a Cold Dialogue

1. Initiate the conversation following up on a non-sales related topic

Do not open the conversation with a “Hey, have you thought about our service? Are you interested?” Your prospect has most likely forgotten, so don’t make them think about something they haven’t paid much attention to. Starting a conversation immediately about your service could trigger your prospect into a firm “No, thanks.” Cold — > Dead.


Instead, revisit your notes (if any) on the last few conversations you had. Start the conversation following up on a non-sales related topic, or something that might add value to their decision process. A good way to do this is to start by giving them a piece of information. Maybe your prospect just moved homes and you have a connection in that area, or you got a new client over the past few months that had a similar challenge as they do. Maybe you can share an article that is relevant to their industry or challenge? It’s critical to start off with an intention to make the way to their decision as smooth as possible. 


2. Revisit their pain point using a different platform

Do not let a cold dialogue make you forget about who you are selling to. Spend time re-identifying your prospect’s pain point. 


Investigate which platform you can start a new conversation on that is different than your last. If your last conversation was an email, go to LinkedIn. If you started on LinkedIn, maybe you go to Facebook.


Maybe you just went on vacation and you followed our summer vacation sales tips. That's amazing, but now you're back at work trying to figure out how to follow up on all your open leads. Start the conversation by acknowledging their pain point. Inquire if this is still a pain point. Some time has passed, it’s not certain they still have the same problem. Therefore, by using a different platform, you create the spark needed to warm up that cold dialogue. 

3. Use remarketing targeted ads and follow up

This method is good if you have groups of similar cold dialogues.


The first touchpoint (point of contact) after a cold dialogue does not have to be a phone call or email. It can be a subtle picture, video, or brand placement. Using remarketing targeted based ads can sometimes break the ice better than a phone call.


After running your targeted ad campaign for a couple of weeks, it’s time to reach out. Using methods one or two above, your prospect will be less triggered by your “sales pitch”. Advertisements don’t always have to have clear CTAs to buy your product. Targeted ads can be leveraged to increase brand awareness without feeling like your prospect is being sold something.

Thanks for reading!

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